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21st Birthday Video Ideas

Creating a 21st birthday video montage is a great way to remember and celebrate milestones in your children’s life and yours, as you send them off into the world. Life is all about capturing moments and often we want to include every memory to mark this special occasion. But truly, our children just want one […]

What You Inherit from your Family History

Family history is more than just understanding our cultural heritage. It is from our ancestors, that we inherit our biological traits and we also inherit their unfulfilled needs hopes and dreams from their experiences. And I don’t mean just our parents. Even unfulfilled dreams from generations way before those we knew can be passed down […]

School Photos and Video Yearbook

What do you do with all your children’s school photos and videos? I truly can’t believe how time has gone so quick. It wasn’t long ago when my son started Prep and last year he graduated from Primary School. If you are like me, you would’ve recorded their story in photos and videos. Every moment […]