10 Life Lessons I Continuously Learn

IMG_2676-1024x768 (Small)I think sometimes as adults, we sometimes feel we know it all. Often, I am told that I always seem to know what to say. The truth is I don’t! If I share a similar experience with you, chances are I can relate to how you feel. Most of the time, I am still learning everyday.

We become wise not because we have knowledge but because we have experience much adversity. They give us precious lessons to carry on.

Here are 10 Life Lessons I continuously learn every day.

  1. Give Unconditionally

    If you expect to receive something in return for a favour, you didn’t really give anything in the first place.

  2. Dream Bigger Dreams

    Without our dreams to keep us on our toes, how can we live to see another day full of adventures.

  3. Adversity has a Bigger Lesson and is a Gift in Disguise

    We all experience stress and difficulties in our lives. However, if we can look beyond the clouds of despair, we might see our difficulties are actually a signpost pointing us to a different direction. Somewhere we were meant to be in the first place.

  4. Always, always do your Best – it gives you a sense of Self-Fulfilment

    Everyday your best may be different. If you are sick or tired, your best may not be as great as yesterday. But it is still your best and only you will feel and know this in your heart. There is a difference in when you do your best to show others what you have done then when you do your best to complete a project. You build integrity by doing what you say you are going to do!

  5. Success is a Journey especially when you Fail

    Just keep going and you will see a bigger picture. Most of us look at success as a postive experience. But … for me, success is realising all my failures taught me a big lesson of being aware of why I failed. It gave me an opportunity to try again and come back better.

  6. Look After Yourself especially when you are Young (Mind, Body and Spirit)

    If you are not responsible for yourself now, how can you look out for your child, your partner and even a friend. Selfcare is so important because it reaps positive thinking to help you face the world.

  7. Become a Student of Life

    It keeps you grounded and teaches you a lesson in humility. The only reason why you should feel great about yourself is because you did your best by working smart and hard.

  8. Respect others

    Everyone you connect with all have special gifts and talents and they are there to present you a valuable life lesson. I believe we all have gifts and talents to discover in our journey. Be careful of how you treat others with your words and action because you have not walked in their shoes nor know of how they lived their life. This is a continuous lesson I struggle with too.

  9. Communicate as much as you can to
    Build Relationships

    The problem with all arguments is, we listen to react and not to understand. This is one of my own biggest mistakes which I am still learning, the importance of listening.

  10. Always, always Laugh at Yourself

    The best way to be happy is to not take yourself so seriously and laugh at the silly things you do. Thanks to my husband who is the comic in our family, yes my very quiet husband is really very funny and makes me laugh all the time. He keeps me laughing especially when I am sensitively serious.

I believe myself to be a student of life because I always have new lessons to learn everyday. It always keeps me on my toes.

What lessons have you learned in your life?


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