Alison Laverty, Writer

Alison is currently writing her soon to be released Memoir entitled The Human Touch.

I was born in Singapore, a cosmopolitan lifestyle where the social scene was the centre of entertainment. But I preferred the quiet lifestyle. My connection to nature made me feel alive. My name is Alison Laverty and I am a writer and a dreamer. I have written a powerful and inspiring book of memoirs; my stories from personal experiences recorded in my journals since my teens. My book was directly written and intended for my children but many people have brought to my attention that many others could benefit from my book and urged me to publish my work.

My book is entitled, “The Human Touch – A Story About Connections”

I was brought up on the foundation built on core values of:

Faith: to accept and embrace my true feelings, emotions and the invisible hand of a higher power for the greater good.

Respect:  to acknowledge the presence of all around me: nature, family, children, friends and our community.

Honesty:  to ensure that my every gesture stems from my heart with sincere kindness and in truth. Every connection is a gift to share.

Responsibility: to accept all my choices and actions as my own especially my mistakes in order to make things right.

Mindfulness: be mindful in knowing, every thought or an act of kindness can make a difference. Change first starts with me.

I always make mistakes and I strive to align myself with values. But my aim is to do my best for the greater good and in my service to others.

My first job in life was as a cashier/bank teller and I worked my way up to corporate level in marketing. I chose to listen to my inner voice and after 20 years of full time work, I resigned from this lifestyle to follow my dreams.

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Damain and Alison Laverty

That was 15 years ago and in that time, I fulfilled my lifetime dreams of living in Australia. I married the man of my dreams, no literally. I have a gentle stepson and two beautiful children. I started my own business built on my love for music and listening to inspiring stories. I am a quiet natured person who loves my solitude.

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Grandma and the Laverty gang

Before all this, I was a timid girl, a dreamer struggling to survive and born into a life of fear. I struggled for many years until I discovered my spirit of adventure. I was raised in an aggressive and emotionally unstable environment. I was traumatised to a point where I became very fearful and developed phobias.


My childhood years

At the age of 14, I went into a deep depression and lost my connection to the world. I become numb and thought constantly of suicide. At 16 in spite of my deep depression and with only $600 in my bank account, I became independant and started working full time.


Alison Laverty and her family

My Vision for our future is that we live in a world that honours and respects life and where life is treated with dignity. In doing this, we can change our dynamics and grow into people who make a difference in life. We learn to appreciate and value each other for who we are and for being part of this amazing experience we call life.

My purpose is to inspire you to follow your dreams and live the life you were born to live.

I believe each of us is born with special gifts and talents, which we discover in our journey through life. The pain and suffering I experienced were gateways or passages into an inner world of solitude, leading to self-discovery and helping me to become the person I was born to be. Once you discover this light within, you are meant to share it with the world, in our connection and communications with others.

You will see from my stories that every connection in my life from a friend, a stranger, my mother, a message from a movie or a song inspired me to change my thoughts and gave me strength to move on and to finally find the courage to fulfil my dreams. In my book, I will show you how dreams do come true and I promise you the impossible made possible.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and please feel free to contact me at if you would like to know more about my debut book which I hope to publish early next year. Stay tuned for information on how to preorder your copy of The Human Touch on Kickstarter. You can also follow me on Facebook at Alison Laverty, Writer or on Twitter at Alison Laverty for a chat, I would love to hear from you.