Follow Your Dreams

Do you have Dreams? Something you would like to fulfill in your life, or perhaps something you could leave a legacy for your future generations! As a kid, I was always told to stop dreaming and to pay attention. When I became an adult, I was always encouraged to dream and visualize my future. Make […]

Playing your Photo and Video Slideshow to a live Audience

Now that you have created your fantastic slideshow, you are ready to play it at an event to your live audience. I hope you have included in your checklist of things to do this very Important task. Testing the equipment at your intended venue. I cannot stress the importance of testing your DVD or USB […]

The Fight of the Zombies just got Creative

How do you come up with your creative ideas? I recently watched a movie called “World War Z”, a great zombie movie. I love Zombies, it just marvels me how some of the most amazing story ideas of the undead keeps coming back to entertain us. Creative Facts about the New Generation Zombies Zombies can […]

10 Life Lessons I Continuously Learn

I think sometimes as adults, we sometimes feel we know it all. Often, I am told that I always seem to know what to say. The truth is I don’t! If I share a similar experience with you, chances are I can relate to how you feel. Most of the time, I am still learning […]

What’s in Your Treasure Chest of Memories

Do you have a special place to hold your memories? I have a box where I keep special things like birth tags from hospital where my children were born. I kept some printed photos with written messages behind them to share stories with my children. I also have a family heirloom, a christening robe sewn […]

The Archaeology of Photos and Videos

Imagine going on an adventure where you search for buried treasures or hidden secrets which leads you to an amazing discovery. Wow!! The gift of exploring and navigating your own life. Let me take you on a journey where the hidden treasures are buried in those old photos and videos where you can discover forgotten memories […]

Things to Consider when Converting your Old VHS Tapes to DVD

You might be wondering why there are varying costs to have your VHS video tapes transferred to DVD. A very simple reason would be to understand the transfer process. Ways Used in Transferring VHS Tapes to DVD There are several ways that can be used to transfer video tapes. Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) connected to […]

The Difference between a Basic and a Professional Slideshow

These days everyone is creating a video presentation to play at their family celebration or special function. I think it is a great way to celebrate your life or a love ones journey to achievement. But often I’m asked this question. What is the difference in creating a basic slideshow and a professional slideshow? Let’s […]

How Do I Scan My Old Photographs

Inheriting old photographs is a great reminder of our story through life and most of us will one day keep our parents printed memories. What do you do with them? If you are considering to scan these photos, here are some options for you to choose. Using a Flatbed Scanner for Old Photographs I highly […]

Santa Stop Here Video

As we approach the year end festive season, I am reminded of how excited my children become as they try to get into Santa’s good books. Do you record videos of these hustle and bustle busy little people and their Christmas spirit activities? I do! I took photos and recorded videos of him as he […]