Finding Your Connection to Life

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” From the movie Ferris Beuller’s Day Off This is one of my favourite quotes because it reminds me to stop every once in awhile, break away from my daily routines to relax. And find my connection to life! […]

Showcase Holiday Videos of Magnificent Landscapes

Have you had a life changing holiday trip? One of the best holidays was my life changing experience in Scotland. The beauty from highlands to lowlands and from lochs to castles, the magnificent views of the rugged and rough terrain, the beauty of life shines through and upon us will amaze you from within. It was my […]

Backup Options for your Photos and Video Memories

What do you recommend to use for a good backup? I hear this all the time and honestly with all this new technology, I often suggest you choose a few methods to backup your most precious photos. And here are my lists, I share with you. Backup Using Hard Drive on Computer or External Hard Drives These […]

Celebrate Life

What does it mean to celebrate life? For me it means I acknowledge life achievements and share those special memories either with family or with friends. I’ve created many types of videos for 21st birthdays, anniversaries, milestone birthdays and many more. And the one main stands out is the unconditional love shared through many generations. […]

Capturing Moments : A Manifesto

  I love little moments in life. A moment is a memory of a time and a place. A reminder of life – a story of a special journey. A moment in the past, that will never come back, except in our minds and in our hearts. It gives me great joy to capture these […]

Create a Montage Video Using your Photos

Why do you create montage video? To capture moments with your photos or on videos? To remember the joy of that moment. Video gives a different emotion to still images because they capture the essense of action. When you create a montage video for a birthday celebration or sorting photos from your holiday trip, or for […]

How to Prepare your Videos for Future Use

Recording videos is one of the most amazing activities in our lifetime. For me that is!!! In 2003, I bought my first digital camera and discovered the video record button. Since then I have recorded thousands of video footage in over 10 years and am loving it. When you record videos, you actually record the […]

Walk Down Memory Lane with a Milestone Birthday Slideshow

What do you give a person celebrating their 60th, 70th or 80th Birthday? A birthday slideshow video. Birthdays are really special because it marks our growth and journey through life and we get to share this special time with family. It is really hard to buy anything for someone who has everything. My mum celebrated […]

The Emotional Side of Creating Videos

Since the advent of MTV – Music Television in the 80s, music and videos have always been my first love. What made a music video meaningful to me was a story that weaved its way into my heart. Back then, my dream was always to create my own videos with yours truly, singing lead in […]

The Best Way to Showcase a 21st Birthday Slideshow

Are you wanting to create a 21st Birthday Slideshow presentation for your son or daughter? This post will give you some ideas in choosing photos and videos to inspire their journey into adulthood. At 21, your young adult does not want to know how cute they were as kids. Instead they will want to know, […]