Family Photo Albums is a Treasure Trove to Keep

As a young child, I used to love looking at my old family photo albums. My mum would sit with me and tell me every story in the album. Most of her stories made me laugh. And many of them gave me a sense of belonging. Photos in our album were not taken at studios […]

Capturing the Spirit of your Loved One in a Funeral Slideshow

How do you capture the Spirit of a person in a Funeral Slideshow? Do not just display your photos to music, like in a powerpoint presentation. If you are in this position of wanting to create a Funeral Slideshow, make sure the spirit of the person is captured in the video. Photos and videos tell […]

Tips and Ideas to help you create a Funeral Slideshow

One of the most challenging Slideshows to create is for a Funeral or Tribute to Celebrate Life. Most of us are not prepared when a loved one dies. During this difficult time of loss, there are no words to express how we feel about letting go of a precious life whom we love so dearly. […]