Celebrating a 21st Birthday in Style

Do you remember celebrating your 21st Birthday? I remember mine like it was yesterday. How time flies … And now you are sending off your son or daughter out into the world of adventure. Throughout the years it has become significant for us to celebrate our children’s 21 birthday as they become matured adult. Like […]

Creating a School Yearbook for your Children

What do you do with all your children’s yearly school photos? This year my son completes year six and moves to high school next year. I am creating a school yearbook for him to remember his memories from school. A huge year for us all. And I started taking photos and video of his achievements […]

Family Photo Albums is a Treasure Trove to Keep

As a young child, I used to love looking at my old family photo albums. My mum would sit with me and tell me every story in the album. Most of her stories made me laugh. And many of them gave me a sense of belonging. Photos in our album were not taken at studios […]

Family Stories are Treasures to Explore Your History

Do you record your family stories in photos and videos? Have you inherited those old photo albums from your parents? These priceless treasures are your family stories showing how you came into existence. Within them, you may find hidden treasures and meaningful connections within your family. You often take time to record your priceless moments, […]

Photos and Videos: Discover Forgotten Memories

Why do we capture photos or record videos? We do it to remember special moments, to discover forgotten memories from our past. If you are like me, it would be to capture what you felt in that moment and hope it would last forever. But what really happens after the photos are taken. It gets lost in the […]

Capturing Moments : A Manifesto

  I love little moments in life. A moment is a memory of a time and a place. A reminder of life – a story of a special journey. A moment in the past, that will never come back, except in our minds and in our hearts. It gives me great joy to capture these […]

Create a Montage Video Using your Photos

Why do you create montage video? To capture moments with your photos or on videos? To remember the joy of that moment. Video gives a different emotion to still images because they capture the essense of action. When you create a montage video for a birthday celebration or sorting photos from your holiday trip, or for […]

What’s in Your Treasure Chest of Memories

Do you have a special place to hold your memories? I have a box where I keep special things like birth tags from hospital where my children were born. I kept some printed photos with written messages behind them to share stories with my children. I also have a family heirloom, a christening robe sewn […]

The Difference between a Basic and a Professional Slideshow

These days everyone is creating a video presentation to play at their family celebration or special function. I think it is a great way to celebrate your life or a love ones journey to achievement. But often I’m asked this question. What is the difference in creating a basic slideshow and a professional slideshow? Let’s […]

Santa Stop Here Video

As we approach the year end festive season, I am reminded of how excited my children become as they try to get into Santa’s good books. Do you record videos of these hustle and bustle busy little people and their Christmas spirit activities? I do! I took photos and recorded videos of him as he […]