The Story of Why We Preserve your Photos

When I started my business 7 years ago, I had no idea where it would take me nor how my audience would react to an unusual service. I had a passion for music and listening to inspiring stories touched me. So my purpose was to inspire people to respect and honour their journey through life. […]

Passing your Family History to the Next Generation

When I was young, my favourite quality time with my mum was looking through our photo albums. She would show me who was in the photo and tell a story about our family history. See … my mum experienced the Second World War when the Japanese invaded and occupied ┬áSingapore in 1942 to 1945. She […]

Create an Awesome Multimedia Video

The word multimedia is defined as a mixture of still photos, video clips, text, audio or music and even scanned documents, combined and created into a video file. You can also include special effects that lights up your screen as it leaps into your audience mind. The video below will give you an idea of […]

Capture those Precious Family Moments Forever

Do you celebrate a special family day? Our day is 8th May and we celebrate: Our Wedding Anniversary; My son’s Birthday; My daughter’s Christening; All the above on Mother’s Day if it falls on Sunday. Why is it so important to Capture Family Moments? Because you do not want to miss the opportunity to create […]

How do you Keep your Kids School Photos

You would not believe how many photos of my kids I keep. If you have kids, I trust that you are exactly like me and have heaps of photos, including school ones too. I am very faithful in recording their growing years. I believe it is very important for them to be see photos but […]

Discovering a Hidden Memoir – A Heartfelt Journey

I recently converted a video tape for a lady who lost her husband to cancer. It was not a funeral slideshow but a documented memoir, recorded on a video tape. The video tape was a Hi8 tape, discovered by the lady, who was going to throw the tape out but, noticed her daughters’ name on […]

Mothers and Daughters…

Yes…I’m still a kid from the 80s! Love the music. What I remember most about my childhood was dancing with my mum to my favourite music, having so much fun with her and feeling so much joy. I’ve had a really special relationship with my mum who has been my best friend throughout my life. […]

Organizing and Creating your Family History Video Slideshow

A Family History Video Slideshow is a wonderful way to keep those special memories alive. It is a major project and can be time consuming and overwhelming. But when you take a systematic approach to gathering the information, photos or even videos to include in your slideshow, it can become an exciting project. Remember, you […]