What’s on your Bucket List

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ~ Helen Keller Do you keep a list of things you want to do? Your life adventures! A bucket list of things you would like to do or experience? The photo slideshow above is my first lifetime adventure. It was a road trip to Scotland […]

Declutter your Life and Create New Opportunities

As I slowly move into Spring, in my side of the world, I begin my yearly ritual of spring cleaning. I prefer to call it decluttering my life. I would like to recommend this book “the life-changing magic of tidying up” the Japanese art of decluttering and organising by Marie Kondo. It has done wonders […]

Our Weekend at the Beach

Last weekend, to break the monotony of our regular routine, our family spent the day at Pandanus Beach in Wynnum. We wanted some quiet time alone to embrace some rest and relax moments. The children love it as it was for them pure adventure and fun. My daughter collected shells and my son was happy […]

Do I know you …

Alzheimers is a desease that is close to my heart. In the recent years, my godmother and my father-in-law has been diagnosed with it. In my work, my purpose is always to inspire people to celebrate life by honouring their photographic and video memories. So naturally, I suggested we gather family photos and videos to […]

Is Writing becoming a lost Art?

I honestly dislike writing as a child but in my early teens, after experiencing much adversity in my childhood, I was inspired to go on a journey of soul searching and self discovery to find my identity. I began writing journals of my experiences and have a collection of 20 journals with various poems I […]

Never Ever … Give Up

Last weekend, my son had his Taekwondo Grading Competition. But this story is not about him, it is about a little girl who was competing in a grading after my son. She was in competition with another girl. She received a pretty hard blow in her chest, missed her step and fell hard and flat […]

Life Lessons from an 11 year old

The school holidays has come to an end and I have to admit that I feel really sad. It has been a great two weeks with my children and all we did was just hang out together at home. My 11 year old taught me about minecraft. While listening to him speak, I realize how […]

The Power of One

I recently had the privilege and honour to get to know an extraordinary individual. This person touched me with her compassion and kindness, to see outside herself, by helping others in need, while she herself was dealing with the challenges in her own life. And as much as she was clouded by everyone around her […]

Have we Evolved into a Disconnected Society

Isn’t it amazing, how our Human Race has evolved. During days when we were younger, everything was so different, in the way we communicated by phone or writing letters. I still get excited when I get a card in the mail but it never happens because technology has changed the way we communicate. How fantastic […]

Bring Out the Leader in You

“When you have a better connection to yourself, you begin to attract everyone to that power within you and in turn make a difference in Life.” ~¬†excerpt from The Human Touch Recently, my husband and I have become fans of the show “Game of Thrones”. It is a show about 7 Kingdoms and each of […]