21st Birthday Video Ideas

Creating a 21st birthday video montage is a great way to remember and celebrate milestones in your children’s life and yours, as you send them off into the world. Life is all about capturing moments and often we want to include every memory to mark this special occasion. But truly, our children just want one […]

Celebrating a 21st Birthday in Style

Do you remember celebrating your 21st Birthday? I remember mine like it was yesterday. How time flies … And now you are sending off your son or daughter out into the world of adventure. Throughout the years it has become significant for us to celebrate our children’s 21 birthday as they become matured adult. Like […]

Backup Options for your Photos and Video Memories

What do you recommend to use for a good backup? I hear this all the time and honestly with all this new technology, I often suggest you choose a few methods to backup your most precious photos. And here are my lists, I share with you. Backup Using Hard Drive on Computer or External Hard Drives These […]

Walk Down Memory Lane with a Milestone Birthday Slideshow

What do you give a person celebrating their 60th, 70th or 80th Birthday? A birthday slideshow video. Birthdays are really special because it marks our growth and journey through life and we get to share this special time with family. It is really hard to buy anything for someone who has everything. My mum celebrated […]

The Best Way to Showcase a 21st Birthday Slideshow

Are you wanting to create a 21st Birthday Slideshow presentation for your son or daughter? This post will give you some ideas in choosing photos and videos to inspire their journey into adulthood. At 21, your young adult does not want to know how cute they were as kids. Instead they will want to know, […]

How do you Keep your Kids School Photos

You would not believe how many photos of my kids I keep. If you have kids, I trust that you are exactly like me and have heaps of photos, including school ones too. I am very faithful in recording their growing years. I believe it is very important for them to be see photos but […]

How to Create an Unforgettable Milestone Birthday Slideshow

A Milestone Birthday is a very special time to celebrate with your love ones. It is one of the most popular slideshow presentation which, I create and it is always a hit with any audience. I have made many Birthday Slideshows and it is one of the best ways to Celebrate Life. Here is a […]