Creating a School Yearbook for your Children

What do you do with all your children’s yearly school photos? This year my son completes year six and moves to high school next year. I am creating a school yearbook for him to remember his memories from school. A huge year for us all. And I started taking photos and video of his achievements […]

Family Stories are Treasures to Explore Your History

Do you record your family stories in photos and videos? Have you inherited those old photo albums from your parents? These priceless treasures are your family stories showing how you came into existence. Within them, you may find hidden treasures and meaningful connections within your family. You often take time to record your priceless moments, […]

Photos and Videos: Discover Forgotten Memories

Why do we capture photos or record videos? We do it to remember special moments, to discover forgotten memories from our past. If you are like me, it would be to capture what you felt in that moment and hope it would last forever. But what really happens after the photos are taken. It gets lost in the […]

Backup Options for your Photos and Video Memories

What do you recommend to use for a good backup? I hear this all the time and honestly with all this new technology, I often suggest you choose a few methods to backup your most precious photos. And here are my lists, I share with you. Backup Using Hard Drive on Computer or External Hard Drives These […]

The Archaeology of Photos and Videos

Imagine going on an adventure where you search for buried treasures or hidden secrets which leads you to an amazing discovery. Wow!! The gift of exploring and navigating your own life. Let me take you on a journey where the hidden treasures are buried in those old photos and videos where you can discover forgotten memories […]

How Do I Scan My Old Photographs

Inheriting old photographs is a great reminder of our story through life and most of us will one day keep our parents printed memories. What do you do with them? If you are considering to scan these photos, here are some options for you to choose. Using a Flatbed Scanner for Old Photographs I highly […]

The Future of Hard Drives (SSD)

When I mention portable storage or external hard drives, you would think of the rectangular box slightly bigger than the palm of my hand with a huge capacity for storage of important documents, photos and videos or anything else. Well, this storage device has now evolved to a size smaller than the palm of your […]

Childhood Moments are Glimpses of Hidden Discovery

What was the most happiest moments in your childhood? Or … How did it feel to see your child build lego or just talk about his or her feelings? Better yet, did it make you cry? I cry everytime I see my children happy and enjoying themselves, especially when they share their proudest moments with […]

Help! My Children Don’t Want my Family Albums

What do you do when your children don’t want your old family albums? I hear this all the time. “My children don’t know anyone in those photos as they never met them.” This is a common trend these days but rest assured, sometimes its only temporary. How far back do I keep my family photos […]

Inspired by the Stories Behind your Photos

What do you remember most about your childhood? I remember spending time with my mother who would sit with me endlessly and tell me her childhood stories. See, my mother experienced World War II when the Japanese occupied Singapore. She showed me photos from her albums and shared her stories of survival. Wow!! Now, during […]