Managing Your Photo Collections

Most of you, like me have either acquired your parents photo collections or perhaps taken many digital photos of your own children. Where do You Keep your Old Printed Photos Perhaps your parents kept them in numerous boxes or even a sticky back album. What about photo frames or those old vintage photo frames, my […]

Transfering Your Photos to DVD

This post is for those of you who still use DVD as a backup for your photos and videos. This is just one of many other ways for backup but remember it is always a good ideas to have multiple backups of various kinds. The lifespan of a DVD A grade quality disc is 20 […]

Are you Preserving your Photos?

I have recently noticed the rise in hard drive failures and crashes. Last year alone, I have recovered almost 10 hard drives to backup photos and important documents. What does this mean for you and me? Is backing up on hard drive safe to preserve precious family photos? When I started helping families, 7 years […]

Creating Folders to keep your Digital Photos

Whether you use your iphone or a digital camera, you would have accumulated a large number of photos that you would need to sort and maybe even delete. With the start of digital photos, I have thousands to go through and trust me it is very overwhelmingly emotional to see them. Imagine these captured images […]

How to Access your Photos from your iPhone or iPad Using iCloud

One of the most common questions I receive often is “How do I download photos off my iPhone?” or “How often do I download photos from my mobile?” I download my photos every fortnight or every month unless we have a special family outing, then I download immediately. You may not want to keep all […]

Where to Begin Organising and Preserving your Digital Photos

  Where do you keep your photos? Are they still in your digital camera or iphone? On your hard drive or usb? I love taking photos because they account for important life memories that tell the story of our journey in life.¬†Why is this important? Because it is proof of our growth and achievements in […]

Why I Still Love Printing Photos

The age of digital photography has made it so easy for us to capture moments in photos and videos. I love what I can do to create video stories but … Do you still print photos? I love printing photos to place in a frame or canvas and give it a special place in my […]

Tips and Ideas on How to Scan Printed Photographs, 35mm Slides and Negatives

Do you have thousands of printed family photographs, slides or negatives kept somewhere in your house? I can tell you that I know how overwhelming it is to sort them and scan them. If you are considering to take on this huge task of sorting and then scanning them, these tips will help with your […]

Organizing and Scanning your Printed Photos to Digital

I have so many printed photos that it got overwhelming for me when I started to scan them into digital photos. The process was tedious because many of them were faded from age and some had scuff marks or were torn. I used Photoshop to level out the tone, contrast and colour. Once all this […]

Cleaning and Restoring Water or Flood Damaged Photos

One of the most common queries that we receive is whether flood damaged can be restored. Depending on the severity of the photos, water damaged can be restored. Below is a 2011 flood damaged photo, we restored.   What you need to look for to save your Photos The face and its surrounding area is […]