How to Reduce Feeling Overwhelmed when sorting Photos and Videos

Sorting and choosing photos and videos can be a very overwhelming task to do. Remember, when looking through your photos and videos, please realize these memories took a decade to collect, it is natural to feel overwhelmed, when you bring them out after many years. These are not just photos, they are memories we keep […]

How to choose the Perfect Song for your Slideshow

It is so important to choose the right song for your video slideshow, because not all songs will fit smoothly with your photos and videos. I follow a simple pattern with using music, if your photos were taken in the 60s, I would choose music from that era to create that nostalgic feeling. But … […]

How to Create a Photo Slideshow to give it “The WOW Factor”

What makes a slideshow fantastic? It is not about just displaying your photos and videos to music. Anyone can do that, especially with all the free softwares available online. All you need to do is upload your photos, use a wizard, create Ken Burn effects of pans and zooms for your photos and, you just […]

Connect with Me

You have the world at your fingertips. How great is that? You can pop over to any continent in the world at anytime. Your website is your connection to the world and to me. It is the best way to promote your products and services, use great content to create awareness and attract your targeted […]

Mothers and Daughters…

Yes…I’m still a kid from the 80s! Love the music. What I remember most about my childhood was dancing with my mum to my favourite music, having so much fun with her and feeling so much joy. I’ve had a really special relationship with my mum who has been my best friend throughout my life. […]

Organizing and Creating your Family History Video Slideshow

A Family History Video Slideshow is a wonderful way to keep those special memories alive. It is a major project and can be time consuming and overwhelming. But when you take a systematic approach to gathering the information, photos or even videos to include in your slideshow, it can become an exciting project. Remember, you […]

Tips and Ideas to help you create a Funeral Slideshow

One of the most challenging Slideshows to create is for a Funeral or Tribute to Celebrate Life. Most of us are not prepared when a loved one dies. During this difficult time of loss, there are no words to express how we feel about letting go of a precious life whom we love so dearly. […]

“Our Story” ~ A Wedding Slideshow to Remember

These days, couples are choosing to have an “Our Story” Slideshow, played at their Wedding Reception. This is becoming very popular. How is this different to your Wedding Photos? Your Wedding Photos are taken by a Professional Photographer on your actual Wedding Day to record the memories of your celebrations. An “Our Story” Slideshow displays […]

My Home, Our Country

I am so honoured to welcome a guest post by Terry Underwood. Terry is a Writer and Photographer who lives on a remote cattle station in the Northern Territory, Riveren. I’ve known Terry and her family for a couple of years and they are truly inspirational. This Slideshow Presentation captures their life in the Australian […]

Eurasian Sugee Cake in Sydney

My cousin Beverley made a Sugee Cake and brought it down all the way from Sydney for my daughters’ Christening. The almond Sugee Cake is a favourite amongst the Eurasians in Singapore. It is a must have for any occassion from Christening, Weddings, Birthdays to Anniversaries or anything I would associate as my Portuguese Eurasian […]