Marketing from Your Heart to Create Engagement

How do you move your business to the next level and use video marketing strategies to grow or identify your niche? I recently recorded a couple of cooking videos for Rani’s Cuisine. In her first video, she shows you how to make paneer, an Indian cheese use in Indian Curries. By creating videos, she is […]

Celebrate Life

What does it mean to celebrate life? For me it means I acknowledge life achievements and share those special memories either with family or with friends. I’ve created many types of videos for 21st birthdays, anniversaries, milestone birthdays and many more. And the one main stands out is the unconditional love shared through many generations. […]

How to Prepare your Videos for Future Use

Recording videos is one of the most amazing activities in our lifetime. For me that is!!! In 2003, I bought my first digital camera and discovered the video record button. Since then I have recorded thousands of video footage in over 10 years and am loving it. When you record videos, you actually record the […]

The Emotional Side of Creating Videos

Since the advent of MTV – Music Television in the 80s, music and videos have always been my first love. What made a music video meaningful to me was a story that weaved its way into my heart. Back then, my dream was always to create my own videos with yours truly, singing lead in […]

The Archaeology of Photos and Videos

Imagine going on an adventure where you search for buried treasures or hidden secrets which leads you to an amazing discovery. Wow!! The gift of exploring and navigating your own life. Let me take you on a journey where the hidden treasures are buried in those old photos and videosĀ where you can discover forgotten memories […]

Using Video as part of your Marketing Strategy?

Back in the 80s, MTV ruled my world as a teenager. I loved watching my favourite rock groups as they released new music videos. From Boy George to Duran Duran and many others, their videos captured my attention because it had a story to tell. Fast forward to the future, online video is growing as […]

Why Childhood Moments are Precious

What were your most happiest moment in your childhood? Or how does it feel to see your child talks about their experiences orĀ feelings? Better yet, did it make you cry? I cry everytime I see my children happy or doing something unusual or enjoying themselves, especially when they share their proudest moments with me. As […]

The Art of Telling your Stories in Photos and Videos

Do you have a story in you? Not sure what your story is? Take a look at your photos and videos memories. Most of your important stories you can explore comes from your visual memories captured in life. We often spend much of our time capturing photos because we want to remember that moment in […]

Create an Awesome Multimedia Video

The word multimedia is defined as a mixture of still photos, video clips, text, audio or music and even scanned documents, combined and created into a video file. You can also include special effects that lights up your screen as it leaps into your audience mind. The video below will give you an idea of […]

How to Optimize your Videos for YouTube

Mention YouTube in my home and everyone just springs up with excitement. See in my family, we all are stimulated by visuals and music. I know that we are not alone. YouTube is the place to search, if you want to know or learn anything. It is a great tool for learning where as previously, […]