Using Video to Engage your Audience

We all have a story to tell either about ourselves or our business. What would you include as part of your story? Well…if you think about it, I am sure you would include everything that has brought you to this place in time. HERE & NOW Whatever that story may be, one thing for sure, […]

Choosing the right Slideshow Software

Are you looking for a Photo Slideshow software?┬áDo you want to use a professional online software that is easy to use and more importantly within your budget? I use Proshow Gold because it is easy to use with the flexibility that allows you to be creative.┬áThere are many other slideshow softwares online that are free […]

Using Video to Showcase your Portfolio of Products and Services

How do you display your portfolio on your website? Do potential clients have to search individually through your samples or portfolios? Why not save their time and make it easy for clients to view your best works by showcasing them in a video slideshow. Whether you are a photographer or a graphic designer or even […]

Using Video to help Raise Funds

Have you thought of creating a video as a strategy to help raise funds for your cause or for charity? Why video, you may ask? You have the opportunity to tell your story of why funds are being raised. People love to know the story of what the funds are being raised for and more […]

Using YouTube as a Tool in your Online Strategy

Are you using YouTube to your advantage? Like other social media platforms, YouTube can connect you to your community, through video sharing. You can upload your videos to share on YouTube, set it to unlisted or even private viewing, so only your family or your client can watch it or for public worldwide viewing. Once […]