A Special Father Daughter Wedding Dance

Fathers and Daughters share a special bond as do all kids to their parents. That is why a wedding celebration is one of the most special occasions for a family. Many fathers feel so much pride to give their beautiful daughters away. Why not make it uniquely special? The Father’s Speech leading to a Dance […]

Tip and Ideas to Create a Unique Wedding Slideshow

Congratulations if you are preparing for your Wedding and I wish you all a wonderful journey ahead. I have been asked by many people, ideas to create a unique and memorable Wedding Slideshow.   The Wow Factor Everyone loves a good story or to see a stunning bride. Maybe your wedding destination celebrated on an […]

Documenting A Behind the Scenes Wedding Video Slideshow

Are you looking for unique ideas to create a Wedding Video? Something that is different to what others are doing? Documenting your story into a Behind the Scenes Wedding Video is a great keepsake for your special day. A short video telling your story in a documentary style, is a great way to talk about […]

How to Create a Stunning Wedding Slideshow that will have your Audience in Tears

Have you attended a wedding where the bride and groom featured a photo slideshow? How did you feel watching it? What photos did they use, baby, growing up or just photos from when they started dating? Did it Wow you into tears? I have to admit, I am normally in tears because, I am touched […]

“Our Story” ~ A Wedding Slideshow to Remember

These days, couples are choosing to have an “Our Story” Slideshow, played at their Wedding Reception. This is becoming very popular. How is this different to your Wedding Photos? Your Wedding Photos are taken by a Professional Photographer on your actual Wedding Day to record the memories of your celebrations. An “Our Story” Slideshow displays […]