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IMG_2676-1024x768 (Small)Alzheimers is a desease that is close to my heart. In the recent years, my godmother and my father-in-law has been diagnosed with it. In my work, my purpose is always to inspire people to celebrate life by honouring their photographic and video memories.

So naturally, I suggested we gather family photos and videos to mix with music, to create a video slideshow that would help all of us cope with this challenge.

Memories are so Precious

Memories are little fragments of images engraved in our mind and in our hearts and these are areas we need to tap into, to help people with Alzheimers remember.

In my own experiences, music has a soothing ability to heal us and awaken our senses. Music can help us connect our emotions to a moment in our past to help us remember.

What would you bring to someone who is unable to remember their memories or to calm them if they experience stress?

I would bring an old photo album and play their favourate music as these are gateway to their mind that triggers their long term and short term memory.

Hanging family photos in our home and on prominent places as well as playing their favourite music often is going to help make the situation less stressful and a little easier to cope.

Let us all consider the importance of our photos and videos as keeping the story of our journey in life alive and learn to celebrate every moment we can with our love ones.


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About Alison Laverty

Alison Laverty is a Singapore born Eurasian of Portuguese descent. Specialising in multimedia, Alison creates photo slideshows and video production for families and businesses. Her mission is to help people honour life by celebrating and recognising their achievements through photographic and video memories.