Passing your Family History to the Next Generation

Photo Scanning

Photos to DVD

When I was young, my favourite quality time with my mum was looking through our photo albums. She would show me who was in the photo and tell a story about our family history.

See … my mum experienced the Second World War when the Japanese invaded and occupied ┬áSingapore in 1942 to 1945. She was a young girl and had many tales to tell me.

I have been fortunate to hear first hand stories of what it felt like to experience the harshness of war. This made our family history come alive as stories of survival began to inspire me.

Our Photo and Video Story Lives on …

Most of my photos had no recorded names of dates because my mum took the trouble to sit with me and tell me the stories behind the photos. As time went on, I was inspired by the story behind the photos and the memory it held for my mum.

So now, I make sure names and dates are written on the back of my photos and a story behind my family history. Why? So one day when my children become interested in their heritage, our photographs will tell a story. There is strength in knowing how hard our ancesters struggled and lived that we may be here today.

How do you record your old Photographs for Keepsake Memory

Recording the name and dates is a must and a story if you know it. I have had to scan the back of many of my photos because there was a written message on it.

Why record your Family History

The exploration of your family history is so important to understand because it is a story of how you came into existence. I was born in Singapore, a Eurasian of Portuguese heritage. While writing my debut book of memoirs, The Human Touch ~ A story about connections, I stumbled on information that dated back to the late 14 century where the history of my heritage began in Malacca when the Portuguese explorers and navigators travelled to find the sea routes and to take control of the spice trade in Asia. It is really fascinating when you explore family history, you discover how special you are and learn to appreciate life.

Where are your photos?

shoebox of old photographs

The reality could be they are everywhere!

How will you ensure these memories and family legacy stories are passed down to your future children and grandchildren. There is no time like the present to save and backup these photos before you lose them.

Make sure you gather and store them all into one computer for easy access. Sort them and delete duplicates where ever necessary. Consider what saving method is easier for you in terms of backup and create a multiple system to preserve your photos and videos. Technology is constantly changing and you need to keep yourself up-to-date.

Stay connected to a photo organiser or media specialist, someone you can trust to help you on your journey to preserve these photographic and video memories. Alone, it can be overwhelming but an honest and trustworthy professional will partner with you and help you with the process of preservation.

Your photo and video memories are your life stories and legacy for your future generations. Keep them safe before you lose them in a pile of things that should have been done.

So much time was spent recording these precious memories of your wedding, birthdays, your children in school and their growing years. Where are these photos?

I hope they are not lying on your smartphone or digital cameras or in a box in a garage. Give them the life they deserve.

Remember this, one day when you really set time to tick off your bucket list, make sure you know where you keep your photos so that you can bring these memories back into your life.


About Alison Laverty

Alison Laverty is a Singapore born Eurasian of Portuguese descent. Specialising in multimedia, Alison creates photo slideshows and video production for families and businesses. Her mission is to help people honour life by celebrating and recognising their achievements through photographic and video memories.