Finding Time Alone to Relax and Unwind

We live in a world that is so overly stimulated with noise and constant activities and because of this, time alone is crucial to help us find that balance to remain present. In the now…

Do you make time to slow down and unwind?

In school, my son uses an iPad as part of the learning curriculum. In the beginning, it became a challenge as he would constantly try to sneak to play it. But I stepped in to control and thankfully, we managed to stop this craving phase to constantly play games. In his class, children sit in Pods and assignments are done in groups. Children are encouraged to socialise and compete for a reward. My son often prepares speeches for presentations using PowerPoint or other means and choose a topic to present in front of his class.

This is great to encourage confidence when they go out in the real world but when do our children spend some quiet time alone to reflect, think and grow individually. These constant activities of our children: TV, Social Media, mobile devices takes over and we need to find a balance. Do you feel our environment is in fact overstimulating our children?

What does Overstimulated means?

The digital age has opened the flow of information for easy access, at our fingertips every moment of the day. We often rush to get things done managing our time with work projects, family, children and the list goes on and on …

What about the constant use of our mobile devices?

Are you in control of it? Or is it controlling your attention?

I must admit, I find it hard myself so I’ve deleted off social media icons off my phone. I have a designated time to use it for my business.

Do you take time to physically connect with your children? Family and friends?

My time is constantly used up daily with my two children, plus I have an elderly mum and time alone is crucial for me as part of my self care. So I can connect to the core of who I AM.

Perhaps you too could try to learn to live without your mobile for a couple of hours and take time to just be. Then see how addicted you are to it or if you are not addicted.

My family is quiet by nature and all equally introverts, needing quiet time with our own individual activities. I teach and guide my children to constantly make time alone to enjoy nature. So much so, my son often loves to lie in the sand at the beach and watch the clouds moving. Wow! Amazing choice for an equally amazing little man.

Why is time alone so important?

So we can explore our most inner emotions and discover our true self. It nurtures self esteem, helps us create meaningful connections, empowers us to face life to the best we can.

We in turn do not become what the world shows us about we must be to fit in.

I constantly crave solitude because in my time alone,I am centred and sense every living thing around me and within me fully alive.


What can you do alone?

I read or write on my veranda and this is the view in front of me. On this particular day, it was raining. I love rainy days!

Because I hear the sound of nature fully alive.


Walking and listening to music is another way for me to reflect and feel refreshed. Music heals my soul and at time I feel myself living inside these songs. They nourish my imagination and give me time to have fun dancing with my children.

Photography and Nature


I love taking photos of our natural world and together with both my children, we love to explore and discover beauty in our surroundings. I photograph what I see through the lens of my eyes. Whatever in natures that calls to me. To share this with my children, truly is my gift to them.


There are days when I love going to the malls to feel the rushed atmosphere of people that Christmas brings. However, it is not something I would enjoy all the time. But time alone is when I usually unwind from my overly stimulated life. Taking time to relax to enjoy meaningful connections to nature and everyone around me. Often we search to find meaning in our life but truly we miss out of feeling fully alive as we connect in nature.

When do you find time to relax and unwind … to disconnect from the world of technology?

To find peace … I’d love to hear from you.

About Alison Laverty

Alison Laverty is a Singapore born Eurasian of Portuguese descent. Specialising in multimedia, Alison creates photo slideshows and video production for families and businesses. Her mission is to help people honour life by celebrating and recognising their achievements through photographic and video memories.