Follow Your Dreams

photoshow_dvdDo you have Dreams?

Something you would like to fulfill in your life, or perhaps something you could leave a legacy for your future generations!

As a kid, I was always told to stop dreaming and to pay attention. When I became an adult, I was always encouraged to dream and visualize my future.

Make your life extraordinary. How do you want to leave your Legacy?

These were words my mum kept telling me, throughout my young life. Did I listen to her, never like most of us, we have to find out for ourselves! The truth is by finding things out ourselves, we grow.

But at the back of my mind, I have always wanted to live my life differently, I was in search for something out of the ordinary so I could reflect. Mind you, that was more than 20 years ago and, I would never have thought back then, I would become a wife and a mother.

Do you believe in Dreams?

To me, having vision means daring to Dream and believing in yourself.

Dreams give us hope to search for what our heart desires. It ignites your determination which in turn leads to limitlessness. There are no limits in life except the ones we create for ourselves and we need to learn to break these boundaries because they block us from doing our best.

Do you have strong faith? Do you see failures and obstacles as disappointments in life? What if they were there to show you a way to experience change and invite you to see new opportunities in your life?

In my teens, I struggled to survive and life was so hard and difficult for many many years. I always felt stuck.

But you see, life is truly funny, it give us exactly what we believe in. My mum taught me to keep faith and believe in myself. And when you stay committed to this, your life can change in an instant.


I have always wanted to go to New York to see the Statue of Liberty. It was something I had wanted to do as a kid especially after watching Ghostbusters and Working Girl. A dream that could never happen because I just could not afford it. Interestingly enough, I know that nothing is impossible.

Every setback and disappointment in my life brought me to new opportunities and then one day, I landed working in an International Marketing Company. I was told that I would travel only within the Asia Pacific Region. I had to learn to speak Mandarin so I expected to work in China. When my assignment came in, I was given the opportunity to work in New York. Wow!!

img046-682x1024 (Small)

My first thought was, Gosh! Is this for real? My whole trip was surreal and while in New York, I realised that I owed it to myself to follow my dreams. Since then, I have achieved all my lifelong Dreams! They all come true in the most unbelievable way!

I believe, we all have the Divine energy within us. Our journey to experience failures and disappointments are really signposts that lead us to where we ought to be. Sometimes in life, we need to move one step back, in order to move three steps forward.

And now I say this to you, have a dream, when you are committed to turning your dreams into reality by honouring your journey, keeping faith and believing in yourself, nothing is impossible and your dreams will come true.

About Alison Laverty

Alison Laverty is a Singapore born Eurasian of Portuguese descent. Specialising in multimedia, Alison creates photo slideshows and video production for families and businesses. Her mission is to help people honour life by celebrating and recognising their achievements through photographic and video memories. Alison is currently writing her forthcoming book of memoirs "The Human Touch - A Story About Connections".