Help! My Children Don’t Want my Family Albums

What do you do when your children don’t want your old family albums?

I hear this all the time. “My children don’t know anyone in those photos as they never met them.”

This is a common trend these days but rest assured, sometimes its only temporary.

How far back do I keep my family photos and its history for my children?

3 Tips to Ensure Your Family History is Passed down to your Children

  1. Mum and I

    Mum and I

    Sharing Family History and Stories

    In my home, I talk openly to my children about my family by telling them stories that reflect what they learn in school. My grandparents and my mum experienced World War II and survived. So I make sure that when my children learn about the ANZACs, I also tell them about how our elder generation were apart of this history. Both of my children are below 10 so much of what I say may not impact them but my stories are more for them to know how special they are. I try to make it a lesson they can learn and be proud of.

  2. Preparing your Photos for Storage and Archive

    Throughout your lifetime, you usually keep photo memories of people you remember. We all do, including me. But within most of my old family photos, my children do not know half the people in them. I achieve as family memories some photos and kept those I wanted my children to know. I chose certain photos with me as a young child in them with a particular family member whom I wanted my children to know. Children love to see their parents when they were young so here is your opportunity to share photos of elder generations. But when you find your children are not familiar with certain people in your photos, pack them up for storage and label them for the future. I am sure at some stage, inquiring minds will want to discover family history.

  3. IMG_0265 (Small)

    Mum and my children (her grandchildren)

    Create a Photo Book and Share your Family Stories in Them

    After you pack unfamiliar family photos, those that you choose to keep close to you can be used to create beautiful Photo Books and remember to add a name to a story about the photo. This enables you to keep those family memories alive.

It is all about how you approach your photo story and bring them to life. At times children may not show interest but that does not mean they are not listening.

Keep your old archive photos close as ultimately one day, they will surface when your children begin to question the family history.

In the meantime, always keep the communication open. How do you share family stories with your children?


About Alison Laverty

Alison Laverty is a Singapore born Eurasian of Portuguese descent. Specialising in multimedia, Alison creates photo slideshows and video production for families and businesses. Her mission is to help people honour life by celebrating and recognising their achievements through photographic and video memories.