My Home, Our Country

I am so honoured to welcome a guest post by Terry Underwood. Terry is a Writer and Photographer who lives on a remote cattle station in the Northern Territory, Riveren. I’ve known Terry and her family for a couple of years and they are truly inspirational. This Slideshow Presentation captures their life in the Australian Outback showing magnificent breathtaking scenery.

More than four decades ago I left the familiarity of the bright city lights to follow my man to the back of beyond. In Australia’s Remote Outback John and I commenced from scratch the development of our cattle station called Riveren, sprawled on the headwaters of the historic Victoria River.

From infancy our four little ones contributed to the development of our cattle station home, situated 600 kilometres south west of Katherine in the Northern Territory. Their childhood was in a way anĀ  apprenticeship as they reared poddy claves and handled responsibility with a maturity well beyond their years – and always with much love and laughter.

I love where I live. This ancient land that has claimed us is stunningly beautiful, but also treacherous and unforgiving. In this timeless land of contrasts and contradictions, we continue to give our all. Early each morning I walk fast and far, to fill my lungs with the mostĀ  pure air in the universe and revere the glorious sounds and scents and colours of the impending daybreak. How fortunate I am to live in a country teeming with surprises. In a land where mirages mischievously distort reality and water evaporates before one’s eyes in long, hot, dry spells, I have faced truth and cried oceans of tears. Our animals are family and our very existence revolves the safety and welfare of people and animals. With unwavering commitment and an invigorated environmental awareness, we care for our country, our creatures and each other. We are one.

As a passionate advocate for the bush and its people, I delight in public speaking opportunities. One of my major projects for 2002 Australia’s Year of the Outback was the Katherine Icon, which pays tribute to o01Aur courageous pioneers and all who follow the trails they blazed. My overnight best selling autobiography In The Middle of Nowhere was followed by my photographic sequel RIVEREN My Home, Our Country.

My family and I remain overwhelmed by ongoing responses from readers worldwide who subsequently cherish a new understanding of the harmony of our land, its people and animals.

Our story has also been captured in various television documentaries, including Australian Story and LANDLINE.

There has been mystique and romance associated with the Australian bush and its people since time immemorial. I believe it is essential to keep the camp fires of our history glowing. With faith, courage and determination we face the challenges of tomorrow. Our love for each other and for the land we live in and which lives in us is as powerful as it is eternal.

Terry Underwood left the familiarity of the bright city lights to follow her man to the back of beyond more than four decades ago. Her dramatic photographs illustrate just how the power of the man and his land touched her soul. Terry passionately identifies the harmony of the inhabitants and their land, a place of never ending horizons, never ending until the earth and sky meet. This is cattle country in Australia’s Outback. This is vision splendid. Follow Terry’s experiences throughout heartaches and hardships, victories and joys in her overnight best selling autobiography In The Middle Of Nowhere and Terry’s journey at

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Alison Laverty is a Singapore born Eurasian of Portuguese descent. Specialising in multimedia, Alison creates photo slideshows and video production for families and businesses. Her mission is to help people honour life by celebrating and recognising their achievements through photographic and video memories. Alison is currently writing her forthcoming book of memoirs "The Human Touch - A Story About Connections".