My Story

Alison Laverty My Story

Welcome .. I’m Alison Laverty, a mother of two very active school age children and like you I have a full family routine occupying my time.

Together with my husband Damian, I started Photoshow on DVD, our family business, in 2008 for three reasons.

  1. Technology was constantly changing and I didn’t want to be left out;
  2. To cure my lack of time to be present to things that mattered most in my life;
  3. Life was becoming emotionally overwhelming as my family grew and I wanted to find balance.

Why Preserve Memories

About Photoshow on DVD

Do you ever feel you are here to do more?

One of my favourite childhood memories was looking through our family photo albums while listening to my mom tell stories of her childhood, during the Japanese occupation in Singapore.

There were 2 albums, a blue one filled with all her wedding photos and a red one where precious photos of my grandparents were held as well as my childhood growing years. These photos always brought a smile to me knowing the energy that came before me. They were my ancestors and from those photos I saw how loving they were.

As my mom turned the pages carefully making sure not to damage the albums, she weaved stories about how her family survived World War II, how she met my dad and how curious I was as a child, always encouraging me to use my imagination to create the most impossible dream. And then she dared me to make those dreams come true.

The lesson I’ve learned was that nothing was impossible to create in life. I grew up with this motto.

See I was born into a life of fear and grew up in a turbulent environment. That was the saddest moment in my life. During my teenage years, my parents had a brutal separation which led to divorce.

Days before we left our home, mom scavenged through our personal belongings to take with us. It was then she discovered her 2 precious albums were gone and that it was my dad who threw them away. So she took all our important documents and some lose photos she found.

But everything else was gone, our clothes and many of my childhood photos of me with my dad were lost. It was as though that part of my life was erased.

And I grew up very sad, believing I was a mistake that no one wanted to be part of. Especially my dad. But even if he has forgotten me, I will always remember him.

I only have 2 photos of me with my dad. A precious remembrance of my past. But in my misery, I stumbled upon a dream which led me into a journey of discovery.

I was born in Singapore but now I live in Brisbane and my story is unusual, compelling and inspiring.

It’s really amazing .. when you experience trauma, if you dig deeper within your experience .. you discover many lessons and the opportunity for growth.

I started my business with preserving photos and videos memories in 2008 with a dream to help people not only remember their memories but to also help them find the lost spark of joy in their life.

Memories are precious because they show evidence of our historic existence, our way of life. It strengthen our sense of belonging for our future generations.

Many of my clients refer to me as a keeper of memories .. a Time Traveller because I travel back and forth in time to extract that which I feel from their photos to create a time capsule full of memories so they can celebrate their achievements in life.