Declutter your Life and Create New Opportunities

Organising your LifeAs I slowly move into Spring, in my side of the world, I begin my yearly ritual of spring cleaning. I prefer to call it decluttering my life. I would like to recommend this book “the life-changing magic of tidying up” the Japanese art of decluttering and organising by Marie Kondo. It has done wonders for me and I highly recommend it to any of you who are considering decluttering your home or office space.

It is amazing how much things we accumulate throughout our lifetime. Some of these things don’t serve us  a purpose anymore so clearing them makes new space and it can also lead us to a healthier and happier life. I often feel new energy flowing into my home everytime I clear old things or throw unwanted items out.

3 Actions to Organise Your Space for a Healthier and Happier Life

I find an act of annually decluttering my home often leads to new opportunities for my Business and it gives me a stress free lifestyle.

  1. Organise

    To organise is to sort or manage things through and give easy access in finding what you need without the stress of feeling overwhelmed. It is a way to clear the chaos into a systematic order in your life. It works well with making space in your home as well as in your business.

    Solution: It simplifies your life and reduces the emotional sense of stress and chaos, making your work area flow better by clearing the flow of unwanted energy.

  2. Simplify

    Once you begin to organise your home or office, you begin to feel a sense of clarity especially when you start to either throw out old junk or give away things to someone else who might be able to use them.

    Solution: Making space in your home clears blockages that make you feel stuck and gives a sense of awareness and slowly new ideas begin to form.

  3. Declutter

    Throw away unused or unwanted things you have accumulated. By removing them, you always feel free and no longer feel stuck or blocked. And trust me with two children below 10 years old, it is never easy for me to declutter. I often feel that everytime I clear a space, the next day a tornado comes through my home and it starts all over again. Good exercise for me!

    Solution: You open a frequency to make way for new opportunities and energy to come through as you clear the blockages and find clarity.

This is the same process you go through with decluttering your photo collection. What many of us don’t realise is that all your photos collected through the years contain forgotten and hidden feelings and emotions. Certain photos contain memories that can hold you back from moving forward. If you do not look at them frequently and one day stumble upon them, it can give you an overwhelming rush of emotions.

I often see this in myself when I take out photos to sort and manage. I have tones of printed photos and thousands of digital photos because I am a visual person and love remembering experiences through photos. To organise and choose the photos that are precious can bring you joy especially when you get tired of your daily routine. Keep them close to you by creating a photo book. And if your home is nicely organised, a hard days work just makes you excited knowing that you can come home to a cosy setting and have a nice cup of tea in hand and be able to look through your photo book to bring back the joys of memories into your life.

About Alison Laverty

Alison Laverty is a Singapore born Eurasian of Portuguese descent. Specialising in multimedia, Alison creates photo slideshows and video production for families and businesses. Her mission is to help people honour life by celebrating and recognising their achievements through photographic and video memories. Alison is currently writing her forthcoming book of memoirs "The Human Touch - A Story About Connections".