Training Workshops

Workshop 1:
Personalised Photo Organisation

Photo Montage Video

Start organising your photos, today.


Do you feel overwhelmed with your photos? Are they kept away in albums or in boxes in your garage or storeroom?

Would you like to be able to reminise the ole times in your photos?

Let us help you organise them so you can sit back and enjoy your trip down memory lane.

Included in this package:

  1. We will access your photo situation and organising requirements;
  2. Plan to preserve your photos according to you goals;
  3. Store your photos into archival boxes, to be kept in your home;
  4. Scan to digitise specifically chosen ones to keep them safe;
  5. Create a slideshow or photobook to keep.

Price is set on application and based on the number of photos in your whole collection, both in albums and boxes. Contact Alison 073103 9438 for a quote.


Workshop 2:
Organising Printed Photos $248

photos in a box

2 hours of in home consultation

Would you like to create a system that will ensure you get your photo life organised?

Are you interested to create a photobook to give to your children to keep and be proud of seeing their growing years?

Let me help you start organising your photo life.

Workshop Topics:

  1. Access your photos to see what actions are require to stay organised;
  2. Create a plan and look at your goals for the project and give you support to start and achieve your goals;
  3. Show you ways to store your photos safely as well as use various digital methods to scan and transfer into digital backup;
  4. Monthly checks to ensure you have our support to keep your project on track to meet your goals.

Contact Alison 073103 9438 to get your photo organisation needs sorted.

Workshop 3:
Organising Digital Photos $248

Editing your Videos

Video Editing

2 hours of inhome consultation

Do you have digital photos everywhere? On iPhones, iPads, Androids, computers, cameras, SD cards …

Would you like to store them all into one place where you can access them when ever necessary?

Let me help you start to gather and sort your digital dilema.

Workshop Topics:

  1. Consultation to determine your digital dilema and gather them into one designated area;
  2. Suggest and recommend softwares and tools to help start the organisation process and train you to regularly download of mobile devises for backup;
  3. Show you ways to use online sharing solutions that enable access to all families without having to create extra copies;
  4. Depending on the number of photos you have, we may recommend a cloud base backup system.

Contact Alison 073103 9438 to start your digital organisation.

Workshop 4:
Basic Slideshow Creation using a Professional Software $398

photo_slideshow_ideas (Small)

Would you like to learn to create your own basic slideshows to show to your family and friends?

Watch your photos light up your TV screen playing to your favourite songs?

Let me show you how to begin.

Workshop Topic:

  1. Recommended use of a professional software;
  2. Step by step training and personalised consultation tailored to suit your needs and style of learning;
  3. Story telling using your photos and videos;
  4. Mixing photos and videos clips to music;
  5. Burning your videos into different formats or onto DVD;
  6. Using texts and captions;
  7. Ongoing support throughout the workshop.

You will learn to preserve and organise your photos and video clips onto a storyboard. Choose appropriate music to create a mood or atmosphere to invoke an emotional experience of excitement or joy. Call Alison 073103 9438 to start learning to create your own slideshows.