Photo Slideshows


Memorable Slideshows Package ~ $87 to $107
(for e-Greeting video messages)

    • 10 Media Files (photos and/or videos);
    • 1 song choice;
    • Your special message (Text or Video Message);
    • Create your own personalised YouTube Channel;
    • Video file format to keep.

e-Greeting Video Message

~ Valentines Day ~ Mother’s Day ~ Father’s Day ~ Birthdays ~ Anniversary ~ Christmas ~ Easter ~

Send your special personalised message to your loved ones. Record a short greeting video on your iphone or smartphone and let us work our magic to create a memorable emotional experience that they will never forget.

Unforgettable Package ~ $447 to $847

  • 60 – 100 Media Files (photos and/or videos);
  • 2 to 3 song choices;
  • DVD with case cover and USB with various file formats;
  • Includes 1 extra DVD copy.

NOTE: Anything over 100 photos is Priced on Application.

PhotoVideo Slideshows for Special Ocassions

Family Year in Review

Now that the year has ended, choose your special photos and videos, of your kids achievements, family vacation, special birthdays events or just the silly and funny everyday fun to create a Family Year in Review Photo Slideshows. If you create this every year, 5 years into the future, you would have a Time Capsule full of wonderful memories to laugh about and share with grandparents and family overseas. It is a great way to celebrate life and looking back at past achievements.

Our Story Wedding Slideshow

Using photos or videos is a great way to tell the story of your journey as a couple. You can make it fun or even create a narrated documentary style photo slideshows or just dazzle your guests with photos from birth to how you met.

Milestone Birthday Video Montage
(21st, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th)

There are different ways to create a video montage. You can show the growing years and highlight achievements through the years and within this include family and friends or include video clips that hold special memories. A mixture of photo and video, with a special message is truly a gift of its own. We all have special stories in us and recognising achievements in life shows the beauty of our journey as individuals.

25th, 50th, 60th Wedding Anniversary
(Silver, Golden, Platinum Wedding Anniversary)

A wedding anniversary is evidence of a partnership of commitment to love, honour and respect life. When 2 dynamic characters choose to live as one, there is so much to celebrate through many years of journeying together. Remember to add key events in photos or videos that you as a wonderful couple.

Celebration of Life
(Funerals, Memorials and Tributes)

Celebrating the life of someone you love can help you heal. We all wish to remember the good times and precious memories. Photos and videos capture not just the moment but they also capture the essence of the person’s life and tell their story. We will help you keep their memory alive in your hearts.

Kindy to Prom ~ Kindy to Graduation Slideshow

Have you recorded your kids school achievements from kindy to Prom or Graduation? It will become an unforgettable memory to treasure and celebrate their achievement. Think about how your children would react to an emotional walk down memory lane.

School Digital Yearbook

Wouldn’t it be great to have a digital yearbook of your kids school achievement or activities? A wonderful memory of school events or individual class events can change the lives of our kids showing them how much fun they have had in their school life.