Photo Scanning Services

bulk-photo-scanningBring your photos back to life!

I have my photos in a box and I know you have them too.

If you are thinking of scanning and digitising old photographs, let me save you precious time and help you to scan them. The arrival of our new professional scanners will save you in bulk cost and the time consuming exercise of scanning all your old printed photographs into a digital file. You have a choice of receiving your completed scanned photos on a USB, DVD, hard drive or even uploaded onto Cloud, an online storage facility that allows you to share these photos with other family members. Plus if you would like your printed photos returned safely stored into an archival box, we have that option for you too.

Here is your chance to rekindle those old time memories and watch them on TV.

Scanning and Digitising Old Photographs

For up to 500 loose photos of all sizes $198
For up to 1,000 loose photos of all sizes  $299

Postage is additional cost
Use of Archival boxes is additional cost

Please contact us now if you would like your photos to be scanned and digitised for this Christmas season.

Slides and Negative Scanning

Slides to DVD

Slides and Negatives to DVD

It is always a good ideas to digitize your 35mm slides and negatives to preserve them. Whether you want to preserve them for your business or library reference, or keep them for family memories, make sure you get them digitized before they fade or get damaged.

Our experience with slides and negatives is that it is a very delicate scanning process which requires attention to each individual slide detail. We use a professional slide and negative scanner for scanning. Our scanners has the capabilities to enhance colour and remove dust and scratches.

Slides with severe damage of dust, scratches and heavy spotting can be restored using a technology called Digital Ice. Depending on the severity, digital ice can help reduce the amount of dust and scratches and in most cases completely remove them.

Both slides and negatives are scanned at a very high resolution to maintain its quality.

The price for slides and negatives scanning are:

  1. $0.60 per slide/negative (straight scan with auto basic colour restore, tone and contrast balance).
  2. $1.20 per slide/negative (full individual restoration using photoshop).