Video Conversion and Editing

convert-vhs-to-dvdWhether you are wanting to preserve your company’s VHS tapes or your family’s old videos, we are here to help You. Most of you have old video tapes of family gatherings or other special events, or training videos and other safety videos that are recorded in VHS tapes. We can convert your video to DVD before the quality starts to deteriorate. These are some of the tapes we can convert for you.





SD Cards

How we convert your Video tapes to DVD

All the tapes we receive are checked to see if they are in tact and have proper tension. Using a proper tape deck, we first convert your analogue video tape into an AVI Digital file format.

AVI format is the highest quality of uncompressed raw footage from your video tape. It is in this format that you are able to edit any part of your video footage whilst keeping its original quality. The AVI file format is then converted into a compressed Mpeg file and burnt onto DVD, allowing you to view your captured video on TV.

We follow this process to maintain the highest possible quality captured from your original recording. Included in our Video to DVD conversion are, 5 minute Chapter Points and Video tapes pass through a filter to fix colours and contrast, sharpens the video and reduces the noise.

Damaged Video Tapes

One of the many queries and projects we receive is mould damages on tapes or tapes that have snapped.

How can a video tape get damaged? One of the biggest and common faults is storage. Video tapes should be:

  1. Kept away from dust, heat and cold
  2. Humidity;
  3. TV speakers or anything magnetic.

These are just some of the main causes of mould on tapes. If the mould is not severe, we can help you fix it. Severe mould can damaged the quality of your tapes and in some cases completely destroys your tapes.

If you find your tapes are covered with mould, don’t be too quick to throw it away. Call us and we will look at your tape to see if we can help you fix it and save your memories.