Marketing from Your Heart to Create Engagement

How do you move your business to the next level and use video marketing strategies to grow or identify your niche? I recently recorded a couple of cooking videos for Rani’s Cuisine. In her first video, she shows you how to make paneer, an Indian cheese use in Indian Curries. By creating videos, she is […]

Using Video as part of your Marketing Strategy?

Back in the 80s, MTV ruled my world as a teenager. I loved watching my favourite rock groups as they released new music videos. From Boy George to Duran Duran and many others, their videos captured my attention because it had a story to tell. Fast forward to the future, online video is growing as […]

Using Video to Showcase your Portfolio of Products and Services

How do you display your portfolio on your website? Do potential clients have to search individually through your samples or portfolios? Why not save their time and make it easy for clients to view your best works by showcasing them in a video slideshow. Whether you are a photographer or a graphic designer or even […]