Family Stories are Treasures to Explore Your History

Do you record your family stories in photos and videos? Have you inherited those old photo albums from your parents? These priceless treasures are your family stories showing how you came into existence. Within them, you may find hidden treasures and meaningful connections within your family. You often take time to record your priceless moments, […]

Santa Stop Here Video

As we approach the year end festive season, I am reminded of how excited my children become as they try to get into Santa’s good books. Do you record videos of these hustle and bustle busy little people and their Christmas spirit activities? I do! I took photos and recorded videos of him as he […]

How I Unlocked My Creative Spirit

I am so proud and honoured to introduce to you my client and now dear friend Victoria Mallon. Victoria came to me with her project and I assisted her in completing it. She is my first student who is truly talented firstly in photography and now expressing her creativity in her own personalised ¬†Photo Slideshows. […]

Why Memories are so Important

Most of us can’t remember any of our growing years from birth to 6 years or more. As a mother of 2 precious little ones, I cherish every moment from birth onwards. Our children are special gifts for us to treasure during their young lives. We watch them grow, walk, run, speak and witness every […]