Is Writing becoming a lost Art?

I honestly dislike writing as a child but in my early teens, after experiencing much adversity in my childhood, I was inspired to go on a journey of soul searching and self discovery to find my identity.

I began writing journals of my experiences and have a collection of 20 journals with various poems I had written. Upon discovering them, I was inspired to write my memoirs and I am currently writing my debut book to include all my life lessons as well as my life changing experiences to pass onto my children.

Do you think writing is becoming a lost art?

The advent of the digital age has changed the way we communicate and I no longer receive many hand written greeting cards or letters. Instead an email has replaced what I call a beautiful piece of sculptured art designed from the heart.

Every now and again, I receive lovely thank you cards hand written from my clients and it feels like the best present, I treasure them and their beautifully crafted words.

I try to keep writing alive in my family and business as I personally feel writing to be a single most important form of expression that connects us like “The Human Touch”. Because I have received so many thank you cards, I do my very best to send out greeting cards with a hand written message to my clients as a thank you note.

Why is this so different to an email or a printed card. The answer is simple, a hand written card shows the effect of the person who took time to write and express their feelings through the flow of their pen.

This is also the main reason why writing journals is important. It is an expression of thoughts hand written from the heart.

Years later, when you look back and find these old breadcrumbs of your written life or that letter you treasured so much, it becomes a precious keepsake memory.

a_gratitude_journalI am trying to pass down to my children, the importance of writing a gratitude journal as a form of expression. My aim is to ensure they learn to express their thoughts in writing as this encourages creativity and ideas. It is not easy but I hope my persistence pays off especially since the electronic medium is so popular.

Do you feel writing will eventually be a lost art in the future?

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