The Magic of Christmas


May you feel that inner joy that surrounds you and your family, with love and comfort during this special season. All our very best to you, the Laverty family from Photoshow on DVD

As we approach the end of the year to welcome the season of Advent, lets spare a thought for the people around us. This is the season where we rush at 100 mph to buy the best presents and have the best food, rush to get that car park and to top it off, the overwhelming sense of rushing all the time. Why not take a moment to understand why you are celebrating this holiday?

What does Christmas mean to us?

According to my 8 year old son, “we celebrate Jesus’ birthday but instead of giving him a physical present, we give our time to help others in need and help the poor. Why? Because that was what Jesus did! In this way, we help make Christmas better for others because we already have a family that loves us.” ~ Jeremy Laverty, 8 years old

He brought us all one gift, his human touch and connected with all the people around him, gave them his time and helped them unconditionally, leaving an impression that sparked hope, peace and joy across the world. For most of us, it is a time to remember our love ones, to treasure time with our family.

As a Singapore-born Eurasian of Portuguese descent, I was taught from young that our family is always the reason why we gather as one and our celebration always begins with respect for our elders and gathering for a family feast.

The Aromas that remind me of Christmas

  1. When I was young, as Christmas approached, my extended relatives come together to make pineapple tarts. I don’t eat them as I am more a savoury person but the smell is amazing and usually makes you feel that Christmas is near. We then share it with all our relatives and neighbours.
  2. The Eurasian Sugee Cake is my favourite and one my family would bake on very special occassions and again always shared with those around us.
  3. Devil Curry (Debal) is a mouth watering traditional delight in our Eurasian Cuizine (Coo-zin-nya Cristang). We share this as a family meal during Christmas with all our neighbours and friends in Singapore.

Our Family Tradition

We attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve or an early mass on Christmas day. The eve is always so important to us because it is a reminder of the real celebration of that first Christ-mass gathering with Mary, Joseph and Jesus. Then after, we gather with all our relatives for a feast. This is for us a tradition of respect we share within our family.

What does Christmas mean to me?

I am truly grateful for everyday of my life. As I awake every morning, I feel the adrenelin rush of excitement, to start the day by seeing my whole family wake up slowly. I see all the sleepy little creatures come out from bed to slowly become awake to life and then I smile from within because that is the best feeling in the world for me.

I am truly grateful for everything that has come into my life. I feel really blessed to have come this far and with this thought in mind, I wish you all much Love, Peace and Joy during this season of hope.


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