The Future of Hard Drives (SSD)

When I mention portable storage or external hard drives, you would think of the rectangular box slightly bigger than the palm of my hand with a huge capacity for storage of important documents, photos and videos or anything else.

Well, this storage device has now evolved to a size smaller than the palm of your hand.


The Features includes a New Fast Transfer Speed technology known as solid state drive (SSD) and will help with faster transfer of data.

  1. 1TB capacity storage;
  2. Fast transfer speed using SSD (Solid State Drive);
  3. Convenient to carry.

The disadvantage of this is the price, currently $800. But like all new technology, it will only be a matter of time before the price comes down.

Most of the new computer these days will come with this new fast speed technology know as SSD and make transfer of file a lot faster than how it does now.


Eventually, down the road, these types of hard drive will be the standard to use for backup as the older bulky hard drives will slowly fade away.

Wouldn’t it be really handy to own one and be able to say, I have my whole life in the palm of my hand.

What do you this of this portable storage device?

About Alison Laverty

Alison Laverty is a Singapore born Eurasian of Portuguese descent. Specialising in multimedia, Alison creates photo slideshows and video production for families and businesses. Her mission is to help people honour life by celebrating and recognising their achievements through photographic and video memories. Alison is currently writing her forthcoming book of memoirs "The Human Touch - A Story About Connections".