Things to Consider when Converting your Old VHS Tapes to DVD

Video to DVD


You might be wondering why there are varying costs to have your VHS video tapes transferred to DVD.

A very simple reason would be to understand the transfer process.

Ways Used in Transferring VHS Tapes to DVD

There are several ways that can be used to transfer video tapes.

  1. Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) connected to PC and using a capturing software to record;
  2. Combo VCR with DVD recorder;
  3. USB Video Capture dongle;
  4. Analogue to Digital converter.

Converting your Video Tape to an AVI or Mpeg File Format

Your video will be captured into either an AVI or Mpeg File Format.

Advantages of AVI

  • It captures the raw quality of your original recording into AVI;
  • It is the highest quality transfer without loss of quality;
  • Best format to convert to DVD.

Disadvantage of AVI

  • AVI files can be quite large and takes up a huge space in your hard drive.

1 hour footage is equivalent to 13 gigs of your hard drive space.

Advantages of Mpeg

  • Mpeg files are compressed and smaller in size as compared to AVI;
  • An Mpeg file format is compressed and ready for immediate transfer to DVD.

Disadvantage of Mpeg

  • Capturing your video as an Mpeg may not produce high quality footage because an Mpeg file is a compressed file.

Standard Play and Long Play VHS Tapes

Most VHS tapes will be recorded in Standard Play mode. There are tapes that may be recorded in Long Play mode and these tapes need to be played with a VCR that will take long play mode.

A Grade DVD Media

Taiyo Yuden is an A Grade DVD Disc we use. This is one of the highest quality DVD media that is known for its durability to last longer and is especially worth using for precious video recordings. Verbatim is another good brand DVD.

Quality vs Quantity

This is where the cost of transfer can vary from $25 to $35. You need to choose between whether you would like to maintain the quality of your recording or get a better price for quantity. The methods used in transferring your footage, the quality of your DVDs and how it will be packaged and presented to you can contribute to the varying prices.

Old VCR Equipment Fading Out

Good quality VCR player are now hard to find and are slowly fading out of its cycle with the advent of new and advance technology. Maintenance of these VCR units are quite expensive and to find parts for them is very rare or in some cases impossible. Therefore, it is now more important than ever to have your tapes transferred to DVD before VCR equipment are gone.

Transferring Videos Files Ready for DVD

If your tape has an hours of video footage, it will have to run the hour to have the tape digitized into AVI. From the AVI file, it will take another half hour to an hour to transfer into a DVD ready file. A total of approximately 2 hours or more depending on the speed of the computer used.

A DVD can hold up to 2 hours of high quality footage. Anything more than 2 hours can still be transferred to DVD but you will find a drop in the quality of your recordings.

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